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polypropylene packaging and packaging

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from granule to a finished product

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of block bottom bags in Ukraine



Question 1: Can I get a sample?
Yes, we can provide free original samples of our products for pre-approval and testing of bags (when ordering samples, you pay only the cost of postal delivery).


Question 2: What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum quantity (batch) of orders for products of one type is:
- for PP woven fabric - 1 ton;
- for PP bags with flexographic printing (up to 6 colors) - 15,000 pieces;
- for PP bags with full-color printing (BOPP film lamination) - 30,000 pcs.


Question 3: How to order?
To place an order you need:
- to call our sales manager "Contacts";
- to agree the required product characteristics.


Question 4: Order execution time?
Estimated production time of the ordered products is 14-25 calendar days, depending on the type of order.


Question 5: What are the payment terms?
Standard terms of payment - prepayment in the following order: 50% prepayment before the start of order producing, 50% payment after manufacture of the ordered products.